Spiritual Progress


Spiritual progress is the law of your being. See around you more beauty and truth, knowledge and power. Today be stronger, braver, more loving as a result of what you did yesterday. This law of spiritual progress gives meaning and purpose to your life. Always expect better things ahead. You can accomplish much good through the strength of God’s spirit in you. Never be too discouraged. The world is sure to get better, in spite of setbacks of war, hate, and greed. Be part of the cure of the world’s ills, rather than part of the disease.

Pray that you may keep progressing in the better life. Pray that you may be a part of the forces for good in the world.

~ AdaptedĀ From Twenty-Four Hours a Day


About buddhachristmind

Not a religion, but a state of Mind. This blog is dedicated to the teachings of Buddha, Jesus and Kabbalistic Concepts. A Buddha Christ Mind is an Open Mind.
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