Spiritually Awake

ImageSo then let us not sleep as others do, but let us be alert and sober. ~ Thessalonians 5:6

There are universal laws, principles, a higher intelligence that we are all a part of. It is in motion to transform us if we are willing to come apart from the world’s seams, and be healed on a spiritual level. Inviting Spirit into our person and life is an invitation of undoing. If at any moment we find ourselves in hopelessness and despair, or our life seems null and void, remembering this higher intelligence is there to enter, upon our asking from a sincere heart, to transform our life, ready to renew and re-create us. The most radical transformations in consciousness can occur, the most radical leaps in the evolution and awakening of the soul, with no footing, no rug, just bare earth as we stand on our knees. If and when we are willing to a full surrender, a full opening to the Living Spirit, there is great hope in becoming spiritually awake. ~ Inspired by and adapted from Tau Malachi, Sophia Fellowship

Living Spirit will enter and transform our consciousness, and show us the Way, delivering us from darkness, relieving sorrow and suffering.

Peace and Blessings


About buddhachristmind

Not a religion, but a state of Mind. This blog is dedicated to the teachings of Buddha, Jesus and Kabbalistic Concepts. A Buddha Christ Mind is an Open Mind.
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