Here Comes The Judge

 “Do not judge, or you too will be judged. For in the same way you judge others, you will be judged, and with the measure you use, it will be measured to you.” ~ Matthew 7

The following excerpt comes from Emmet Fox’s book, The Sermon on the Mount: “In these verses we are told more about the nature of man and the meaning of life, and the importance of conduct, and the art of living, and the secret of happiness and success, and the way out of trouble, and the approach to God, and the emancipation of the soul, and the salvation of the world, than all the philosophers and the theologians and the savants put together have told us-for it explanations the Great Law. If the average man understood for a single moment the meaning of these words, and really believed then to be true, they would immediately revolutionize his whole life from top to bottom; turn his everyday conduct inside out, and so change him that, in a comparatively short space of time, his closest friends would hardly know him.

Again and again we are struck with amazement to find how this Sermon on the Mount’s most challenging statements have been quietly ignored in practice by the bulk of the world. The truths which they teach seem to be the last to show up in everyday life and conduct- and yet they express the simple and inescapable Law of Life.

The plain fact is that it is the Law of Life that, as we think, and speak, and act towards others, so will others think, and speak, and act towards us. Whatever sort of conduct we give out, that we are inevitably bound to get back. Anything and everything that we do to others will sooner or later be done to us by someone, somewhere. The good that we do to others we shall receive back in like measure; and the evil that we do to others in like manner we shall receive back too. This does not in the least mean that the same people whom we treat well or ill will be the actual ones to return the action. That almost never happens; but what does happen is that at some other time or place, often far away and long afterwards, someone else who knows nothing whatever of the previous action, will repay it, grain for grain, to us. For every unkind word that you speak to or about another person, an unkind word will be spoken to or about you. For every time that you cheat, you will be cheated. For every time that you deceive you will be deceived. For every lie that you utter, you will be lied to. Every time that you neglect a duty, or evade a responsibility, or misuse authority over other people, you are doing something for which you will inevitably have to pay by suffering a like injury yourself.

People are apt to think they can escape the law of the land, that people will forgive them, or forget, or that they will never be found out at all. However, the law of retribution is a Cosmic Law, impersonal and unchanging as the law of gravity. The law of gravity never sleeps, is never off duty or off its guard, is never tired out, is neither compassionate nor vindictive; and no one would ever dream of trying to evade it, or coax it, or bribe it, or intimidate it. Water finds its own level sooner or later and our treatment of others returns at last upon ourselves.

Some Christians, upon hearing the law of retribution explained, have objected that this is Buddhism or Hinduism, and not Christianity. It is true that this law is taught by the Buddhists, and by the Hinduists, because it is the law of nature. And I ask you, is the Gospel of Matthew a Christian document or not? Was Jesus a Christian or a Buddhist? You may like or dislike the doctrine, and if you wish, you may try to ignore it; but you cannot deny that Jesus taught it, and in the most direct and emphatic way.

Students of Scientific Christianity who understand the power of thought, will realize that it is here, in the realm of thought, that the Law finds its true application, and they will see that the one thing that matters, in the last resort, is to keep their thoughts right about other people. The right thought about God, and the right thought about fellowman, and the right thought about one’s self; that is the Law of the Prophets. Knowing that Dominion, they will focus their attention in observing the commandment – judge not.”


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